Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Being Your Mother
Lost In Her Thoughts
The Reason I Breath
Keep Shining
Museu Paulista
Daily Special Moments
Messy And Cute
My Little Birdie
Sweet Dreams
Theo And Daddy
Froggy Day
Baby Pillow
The Giraffe
A Visit To The Zoo
Posing To The Camera
Cooking My Meal
Tough Girl
Who I Wanna Be
Sharing Secrets
Moments To Treasure
Sweet Donkey
Surfing In The Woods
Offshore Dreams
Moments Like This
Little Hands
Guinea Pigs
Pietra 2004
Playing Fool
Those Bruises
My Favorite Clown
Watching The News
The Beauty
The Fountain
Thumbs Up
At The Age Of 2
Cute Outfit
A Long Car Trip
Caught On Act
Daddy and Pietra
Pink & Super Peixe
Pietra & Tiny
Just A View
That White Bird
Happy Birthday Amanda
A Bird Hunts
At The Doll's House
Sweet Tuly
Funny Towel
LOTD - A Fun Conversation!
Crazy Cow
LOTD - Before his Eyes
Being Four
Grandpa's Hat
The Four Of Us
Watching Life
Siblings Laugh 2
Siblings Laugh 1
Blue Glory
My Boys
We Do Look Alike
Eat Or Sleep
Smart Squirrels
The Meaning Of Treasure
She Is Going To Be 2
Caramel Apples
Filled Squash with Shrimps

My Little Gentleman
Minnesota 2000
Tribute To Daddy
My Autumn Colors
LOTD - Baby Holds Baby
Theo & Pietra
Autumn New Shades
Bahia Brazil 3
Bahia Brazil 2
Bahia Brazil 1
Siblings Love
Beauty Of Dogs
Doodling Roses
Kids Have Fun
My Nature's Favorite

I Know What I Want
First School Day
Sun Times


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Flower Whisper Embellishment
Our Rusty Stylish
To Love And Care
A Fresh Start
Happily Scrappin
Sparkling Winter
Music To The Eyes
So This Is Christmas
Bejeweled Night
Doodling Roses
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